Journo By Huba

Rene Ebersole is an independent journalist who writes and edits articles and books relating to science, the environment, and health. Her portfolio includes cover stories in Outside, Modern Farmer, Audubon, and National Geographic Explorer, and she contributes to many other publications. In her journalistic pursuits she has waded in swamps inhabited by alligators, witnessed a 200-pound bear getting a root canal, and donned scuba gear to find a new species of octopus. As the former staff Features Editor at Audubon, she oversaw scores of articles on a wide range of topics, from deeply reported investigative environmental pieces, engaging profiles, and stories about conservation and science to articles on travel, photography, and food. Her book, “Gorilla Mountain,” a children’s biography of gorilla biologist Amy Vedder was co-published by Joseph Henry Press and Scholastic. She is an adjunct professor at NYU’s distinguished Masters program in Science, Health, and Environmental Reporting, of which she is a graduate, and guest lectures at other universities.